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Casino Slot Machines Lady

Julie was working at the neighborhood jewelry store. She really really loved jewelry, almost as much, she decided, as she loved casino slot machines. Casino slot machines and jewelry were very similar. They both sparkled and delivered sparkly items. Jewelry gave you sparkling items you could wear. Casino slot machines gave you money that you could spend. And money was a wonderful thing for Julie. Julie tried not to be materialistic, but it was hard not to be. Her father was, after all, a casino slot machines tycoon. He had invented the best online casino slot machines years and years before and Julie had been hooked ever since.

Casino Slot Machines Tycoon

He was not only a casino slot machines download tycoon, but he also loved jewelry. And so Julie had grown up with a love for casino slot machines and for jewelry. That was how she ended up working in the jewelry store. She knew she didn’t really need to work. She was the heir to the casino slot machines fortune. But, what would a 22 year old girl do all day if she didn’t work? She had to do something, and she couldn’t just play casino slot machines all day long.…

Cosmetic slot machines come to you

Remember the old days when makeup used to take forever to put on? First you had to run around to at least a dozen stores. Then you had to find all the right colors, brands, and accessories. Don’t forget about trying to figure out which color goes with what, which outfits it will match, the list goes on……Today we have been relieved of that heavy burden. I would like to introduce the all new cosmetic slot machines.

How do cosmetic slot machines work?

Cosmetic slot machines can be found in almost every sophisticated mall. Cosmetic slot machines are located also in every major department store. I will explain what cosmetic slot machines are to all those still not familiar with them. No m ore spending precious minutes figuring out how to apply it. Thanks to cosmetic slot machines all that time wasting work is done for you. First type all your information into the computer’s screen. The computer will ask you all your information. Simply tell the computer your eye color, hair color, skin color, skin type, clothing being worn for that day and on and on. It all depends on your answers. After you answer all the questions, the camera will scan your image into the cosmetic slot machines. Next you will be given 5 choices to make. 5 images will appear with different makeup applications. Choose the screen that pleases you and insert $5.00 into the slot. Pull the knob all the way down towards you and out will come a piece of candy. Eat the candy when you want your makeover to take place. Slowly your face will transform into the image from the cosmetic slot machines. Enjoy it; you will stay like that for 24 hours. Cosmetic slot machines are the greatest. Soon people will have cosmetic slot machines inside their homes. If you really think about it, it’s not that expensive. If you figure out how much you spend on cosmetics, you will realize that cosmetic slot machines will save you money in the end.…